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With Metro fax you can send and receive fax pages no matter where you are — email, the Web, even your smartphone. In addition to saving paper, you’ll never miss a fax and have the speed, security, and convenience that MetroFax Internet faxing provides.


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customer says

"After using this service for several years, and having a lot of problems with faxes coming through, I decided to cancel. Unfortunately, this option was closed to me. There is no option to cancel through my online portal; you have to talk with an agent. I tried phone and got a recording that Metrofax no longer offers phone customer support. Chat just gives me an error message, perhaps because I'm outside the country. And they never responded to my emails requesting account cancellation. Now I'm wading through disputing the charge with my credit card company--Metrofax certainly responded to them promptly, causing my dispute to be initially denied. We'll see how that turns out."

Scott J says

"MetroFax's 14-day free trial is a complete scam. They don't let you cancel your subscription, it's that simple. And they keep billing you each month (or trying to) no matter how many times you tell them you don't want their service. Fortunately I only gave them my prepaid Visa with a buck left on it. I feel bad for anyone who gives them a usable credit card number because you're in for problems.

They have a series of excuses set up, e.g.: "Your account will NOT be cancelled until you verify the security or your account with the last 4 digits of your credit card on file." I verified that in my next e-mail and they still don't close the account. Countless e-mails telling them to close the account. And their chat doesn't work, I assume that's intentional too. This really looks like an intentional scam, just hoping that a certain number of people will not dispute the charge on their credit card. Send me e-mail if you want more details, I will provide all the communications with MetroFax which prove what I have written here.

Presumably their other plans and services are equally dishonest and corrupt. Consider yourself informed.

I would also add that the daily five star reviews posted here don't look legit to me. Check out any other review site that allows comments, hardly anyone has anything good to say about MetroFax."

Karl K says

"We've tried to email support@ and sales@ and never a reply. There is no number to call. The chatbox is for service cancellation only. We need assistance and MetroFax is unreachable. We've had numerous businesses tell us they are unable to fax to us and keep getting a failure of fax notice."

Mary says

"I would give zero if I could. Unable to reach anyone in customer service at all. Not online in Live Chat or via phone. The phone number says only online chat is available. I waited more than 45 minutes online as the "number 1 person in the queue." This is not a good company."

NurseB says

"I tried twice to send a fax and it would not go through both times. I decided to cancel my account within the free trial period. I emailed customer service and never received a response. Two days later I decided to use the online chat feature to cancel. I was Number 2 in queue when signed into chat with expected wait being 00:14 seconds. I ended up waiting 25 minutes before getting someone named "Joke I". This person did the typical offering me reduced price, etc to stay(which I dont blame them, that's their job), but then told me that i was paid for the month so did I want to use the cancellation date as that date. I told them I was in free trial period and better not have been charged anything! They then told me they were looking at the wrong account and I wasn't charged. Then tried to give me another offer to stay. No thank you. Cancelled completely.
I do not have any faith in their customer service!"

Stella says

"Don't waste your time with this service, they have made it impossible to cancel their service. I have spent over an hour waiting for an online customer service agent, left requests for callbacks (which never came), and spent over 20 minutes waiting on hold trying to reach someone with no success. I'm convinced this company does not have any customer service agents and the reviews listed below are fraudulent."

Tamara Pitts Mahaffey says

"I signed up for a free trial, 30 days. I was charged at 14 days. However, prior to that I attempted to cancel. I held forever the few times I called. Now when I call the recording I get is that phone support is no longer available. I have emailed and get a canned response asking for information that I had already provided. the live chat is a joke. Combined I have spent over 2 hours holding for a person only to be told someone will call me back that there are no attendants. I am about to call my bank and have them cancel it. Just held again for 30 mins on live chat.... message is there is no one available to help me. Don't waste your money or energy."

Kenneth Attorri says

"Missed faxes. Gibberish faxes. Low resolution faxes. You'll wait 20 minutes to get someone from customer support on the phone."

Monica Wickham says

"I wish I could give this company zero stars and take them out of their scamming business. Every time I call to cancel my account their “systems
Are down and nothing can be done”. I tried online and via phone but still have been unable to cancel. Now I will have to fight then through my credit card company. I am going to find out where they are registered and report them! They just be held accountable."

SZ says

"Horrible company and horrible customer service experience.

Signed up for MetroFax. Trying to get an existing fax # ported into the MetroFax. Soooooooo hard. Not sure why you keep it such a difficult process.Your representatives know very little about the processn, the only thing they know it to put people on hold. I have been on hold for 20 mins, 45 mins and once the call get picked up, the call drops. Fix the problem! Your representatives do not know how to transfer calls??????!!!!!

The two rep who wasted my time were: Timothy, Christopher

After being on the phone with them for 2 hours, Christopher finally offered a case # 47283120 so I can talk to a supervisor. Hold for a long time to talk to "THE SUPERVISOR". Christopher put me on hold for 45 mins to wait for the SUPERVISOR, then the call drops.

I called back and use the case #, someone take the case # and then was put on hold immediately, the call drops in 5 mins while I was on hold....

It continues.."

Rabih Husseini says

"Started a trial to send fax in Toronto , but failed to send even after consulting the support multiple times.

they started billing me and when i requested to cancel and refund they refused."

Noel Rivers, Esq. says

"I have used Metrofax for 4 years and I hate that company. More than half of the faxes I send do not go through! Metrofax told me that the recipient must be having issues and I know that is not the case because immediately after the fax fails to send, I have my office staff fax the same number & the same document immediately using our traditional fax and it goes through. I need an internet based fax in addition to traditional fax because I'm a lawyer who spends a lot of time in court. It's vital for me to have an internet based fax service I can depend on so I will be canceling my Metrofax subscription. The customer service is also TERRIBLE! I've tried resolving my issues with Metrofax by contacting them directly and I always get an "I apologize for the inconvenience" message but no real help and no offer to credit my account for months where most faxes don't go through. Metrofax is a terrible company and I will make it my mission to warn others not to use it."

Nettie says

"I signed on with them, on a trial offer basis. It was so simple: Just enter your Recipient and upload your attachments with the cover sheet (provided). No worries, no foul. WRONG. Several faxes had to be resent at least 2-3 times due to system or site error or bug, or "system not processing, please try again later" or better "invalid upload or processing, please try again later". Horribly unacceptable. Contacted their CS about it via email (as it's evidently their only means of communication) and all they responded was a deadpan, canned response. Very poor service compared to their fierce competitors. PASS."

Sherry Marion says

"Don't even try this Company!!! This company makes it impossible to cancel your subscription. I emailed them to cancel effective the following month and received a reply that I needed to call their billing dept to cancel and my account would remain active until that time.
Unfortunately, each time I tried to call the # provided, I would get a fast busy signal when choosing an option. It didn't matter which option I chose, even a new sale or upgrade of my account. They make it impossible to cancel your account by phone and tell you that is the only way it can be done.
According to what I have seen on the internet, there is a class action suit against them in California."

peter kong says

". Recently I've decided to cancel my membership so I went to their website and tried to find some information how to cancel my account. There was a terrible lack of information and I wasn't able to understand what exactly I need to do.
Then I contacted MetroFax customer service and asked for help. They said that everything was written on their website and they have nothing to add. I explained that I needed their help because I could not understand what was said on their site and they asked me to wait and I was put on hold for like forever! No one came back to me and when I called again they did not pick up! The worst customer service ever!!"

Vlad Hristov says

"My faxes stop going to the numbers I send them, and on a top of that I am waiting 4th day for a support response. Before they were bought/acquired or whatever, support was instant and the quality was impeccable. It is extremely sad to see such a great fax service provider destroyed in an instant. Good job J2 Gobal.

Whatever you do, anytime you see the logo of J2 Global Inc, just avoid it at any cost. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED."

Josh Riese says

"Like everyone else, I found it very difficult to close my account. I went through the menu various times and found myself on hold or run in circles before finally getting someone. They offered to lower my price and get free trials of this and that before doing what I asked. The actual fax service was good enough. I didn't have any issues with that, I just didn't use it enough to warrant $8/month."

Tom Cuthbert says

"Quite possibly the worst customer support I have ever tried to deal with. I took the free trial offer to test out the service. As it turns out, I just don't use it often enough for it to be worth continuing the service. So, I went to their live chat support to cancel my account. After waiting on it for an hour, while being told that I was "1 of 1 in the queue," I gave up. So, I then called their support line. I was on hold for an hour before I was disconnected. Then, I went to the sales live chat to try and cancel my account there and was ping-ponged between 4 different agents before they told me they could not assist me at this time. I posted my concerns on their facebook wall publicly. An agent responded telling me that he/she would like to help and to private message him. So, I did. Little did I know that this was just a ploy to look good in public, as I have not yet received a response (it has been about a day so far). Will never do business with again.

Additional: I forgot to mention that I also emailed their support 2 days ago with no response.

Resolution: A customer service representative called today and resolved the issue. I now consider the matter closed."